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 “Be prepared to be blown away by a ★★★★★ debut novel and to falling in love

with St Anne and its people.”

Author Groupies

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“The words flow effortlessly, beautiful prose and witty dialogue, she’ll suck you right in.”

Author Stephanie Rose

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“These characters are so rich and deep that you feel like you’ve known them forever.

Em Frances has woven such a beautiful tale here.”

Que Sara Sera Book Blog

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“Southern romance at its very best!!!  This book left me warm and fuzzy.”

Author J.A. Derouen

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“Funny, irreverent and at times heartbreaking, this does not read like a debut novel…

you want to 1-click this.”

Dates With K Blog

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“I fell hard for this first look into Em’s St. Anne’s series and cannot wait to dig deeper

into this town and it’s beautifully well-crafted characters.”

Author Faith Andrews

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The loss of her mother turned her world upside down and revealed a truth she had never known.

Her entire life felt like a lie.

Now, she lives on her own terms. She does what – and who – she wants, when she wants. She can’t get hurt if she doesn’t let anyone get close enough. Being lonely is just the price she has to pay. She isn’t about to let a man like Brig get to her, no matter how good his looks or intentions.

As one of St. Anne’s favorite sons, he has lived a charmed life, never wanting for anything. Family, friends, business – he is wealthy in ways that mean more than dollar signs. He doesn’t know what it means to fail. Foul-mouthed and beautiful, yet cautious, Sonny is everything he never knew he wanted. But when it comes to her, want has become need, and for the first time in his life, he has to fight for something.

Sonny has spent so much time keeping people out that the idea of letting Brig in feels dangerous.

But danger is already coming for her.